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A glimpse into our approach

Play is the foundation for learning through which we instill meaningful connections and cultivate problem-solving skills. Coupled with a certification in family trauma, my extensive knowledge and expertise in the neurology of play and parent coaching allows me to guide each family through daily challenges. 


I believe in creating a relationship that is based on communication and trust. With over 15 years of experience in addressing the whole child, I partner with you to design a tailored plan. I am a trauma informed clinician and nutrition/feeding expert who has successfully helped families through emotional and behavioral challenges across the spectrums of autism, ADHD, language learning, and mealtime needs.

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Meet the Founder,
Polina Shkadron 

Through play, children test out their ideas, solve problems, and develop emotional control. Language is intertwined with play as it empowers self-expression, fosters critical thinking, and opens the door for literacy skills.

Therapy is most effective when parents gain the confidence to embrace challenges. With individualized guidance and support, you will learn how simple shifts in your environment can excell your child’s progress.

For children with autism, ADHD and sensory processing difficulties, emotional regulation can be quite challenging. By figuring out how your child is impacted and viewing the experience from his/her perspective, we can navigate through those behaviors for a lasting impact.

Your child’s feeding journey is intricate and personal. By using the 3Es of Mealtime™, you and your child will share in the joy of food and ask for veggies by name.


Our daughter Rosie is almost 7 and was diagnosed with autism spectrum when she was 3. We started with Polina at the height of the pandemic, and even though she was remote, Rosie connected with her. Polina has helped Rosie with frustration tolerance, problem solving, sensory issues and coping skills in ways we as parents would never have thought of or schools would not be capable of providing. As Rosie's parents we have had to relearn how we talk to Rosie. It is also incredibly helpful that Polina allows you to join her sessions...not only do you get to talk about what went on in the session, you get to see it unfold, which helps tremendously when trying to incorporate new skills at home. We are very fortunate to have been directed to Polina and that Rosie loves going every week! 

Phil and Jen Parents of 7-year-old

We have been working with Polina for almost 2 years. She sees both of my 6 year old twins every week. We originally came to Polina for speech services but it has evolved into so much more! Polina works with us on behavior management, impulse control, executive functioning…just to name a few things. In addition to working directly with our sons, we also do parent sessions as often as possible. Polina is amazing. She has helped us through so many challenges. She has a way of helping children in such a way that they only think they come to play with her. Her insights are invaluable and she is always spot on! I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a lot or even a little help in any of her areas of expertise. You won’t be sorry!

C.A. Parent of 6-year-olds

Polina was able to build a strong connection with my child immediately and provided me with tools to be a better parent. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated. I am very grateful that Polina was part of our lives and highly recommend her to families looking for individualized care. I loved that she saw all the positives in my child and genuinely cared about my child thriving. 

Polina is a wonderful and warm therapist with a unique approach to children’s therapy via play. Her office is warm, fun and a comfortable space for children and adults. Polina has helped with language and behavior and has provided us with tools to make sure our child is successful in all settings. She genuinely cares about children and has an amazing understanding of child development. Appointments are prompt and efficient every time.

D.P. parent of 5-year-old

Parent of 7-year-old

Polina was a godsend for my family. My 2 year old daughter was an extremely picky eater and it was really stressing us out - we had tried recipe books, different types of feeding, iPad, TV, nothing worked, and she was underweight. The doctor recommended Pediasure but I did not feel great about that being her main source of calories. As soon as I made an appointment with Polina, I felt more at ease. Polina made the experience fun and effectively eliminated the negativity and stress that we all came to associate with mealtime. She encouraged my daughter to get into the process of making the food which was so helpful. My daughter started trying everything from brussel sprouts to cauliflower. Polina is fantastic with children and very knowledgeable in her field. I would not hesitate to recommend Polina to anyone! 

I.N. parent of a confident eater

In being part of our family, you will learn the “why’s” and “how’s” to navigate any situation with compassion and ease.

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